Pallium offers easy-to-use toolkits designed to help community members create more compassionate and supportive communities for patients, caregivers and their families experiencing serious illness, dying and grieving.

The Compassionate Community Startup Toolkit equips you with essential information, resources and templates to launch a Compassionate Community. Empower people in your community to provide important physical, emotional, social, spiritual and practical support to patients facing serious illness as well as their families and caregivers.

Tools for the workplace

The Compassionate Workplace Campaign provides employers, managers, and employees with practical tools, resources and activities to help increase awareness and reduce stigma related to caregiving and grief in the workplace.

Faith Community Toolkit

The Faith Community Toolkit will increase knowledge and understanding of medical and spiritual aspects surrounding serious illness, caregiving, death and grieving, while building capacity within Catholic parishes to support compassionate care within and beyond the parish community.

Atlas CareMap Toolkit

The Atlas CareMap Toolkit provides caregivers and anyone wanting to support a caregiver, with the knowledge to create their own care map. This toolkit contains information on what a care map is, why it is important, how it can support you in your caregiving journey, how to create one, and finally, how to share it with friends, family and health care professionals.

Atlas CareMap Workshop Toolkit

The Atlas CareMap Community Workshop Toolkit is a resource for anyone who would like to run a CareMap workshop in their neighbourhood or community. The CareMap Workshop helps to increase the awareness, understanding and use of the care map tool and how it can help caregivers and care recipients.

Sustainability Guide

The Compassionate Communities Sustainability Guide builds on the Compassionate Communities Startup Toolkit by supporting initiatives through their next phase of development — scale and spread. The guide provides best practices, case studies  and tools for current Compassionate Community initiatives in Canada to help ensure long-term sustainability of their efforts.

Evaluation Guide

The Compassionate Communities Evaluation Guide supports Compassionate Community champions across Canada in measuring the impact of their work, sharing learnings and results and engage in discussions to assess the potential scale and spread of their initiatives.

“The Compassionate Community Startup Toolkit effectively launched our organization’s efforts to build a Compassionate Community by providing a helpful framework within which we could begin a conversation with community stakeholders. The Toolkit was user-friendly, informative, and well designed. In giving the presentation, I found the Toolkit to be appropriately adaptable and helpful in facilitating dialogue around local issues. I highly recommend the Toolkit as a starting point for anyone interested in bringing the Compassionate Community model to their community.”

– Craig Johnson

Executive Director, Colchester East Hants Hospice Truro, Nova Scotia

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