The Palliative Care ECHO Project

The Palliative Care ECHO Project is a 5-year national initiative to build primary- or generalist-level capacity to provide a palliative care approach in communities and care settings across Canada, including in rural and remote regions and Indigenous communities. Led by Pallium Canada and partners from across Canada, the project helps health care providers build local capacity by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence, along with updated tools and resources, to help them provide earlier, more effective and more compassionate, high-quality palliative care to patients and their families.

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) was developed in 2003 at the University of New Mexico and is a hub and spoke education model designed to create virtual communities of learners who are then able to provide better care to patients in their communities.

The ECHO model uses videoconference technology and enabling software to connect health care providers in communities (“spokes”) with teams of specialists and experts at regional and national centers (the “hub”) to increase knowledge and skills to provide better care to patients and families.

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