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Pallium is ready to work with your organization to host a Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP) course and begin empowering your team to deliver better patient-centred palliative care. Hosting a LEAP course allows you to choose the date, time, and location that works best for your team.

Find the perfect plan for your organization

Every plan below provides a premium learning experience for your team. If you need some help getting your LEAP course(s) organized, our team is here to help.



Ideal for organizations that will be running numerous courses per year and want to build internal capacity to plan and manage the logistics for hosting a course.


$75 – $275/learner

Pricing/learner depends on profession and course type


Lower cost
Higher investment of time by your staff



Ideal for organizations who have access to a venue, A/V, and catering but do not have the internal capacity to organize, book, and execute a LEAP course without Pallium’s support.

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Two-day courses*
Physician $400 – $500
Non-physician $300 – 400

One-day courses*
Physician $300 – $400
Non-physician $200 – $300


Medium cost
Medium investment of time by your staff



Ideal for organizations that are running a few courses a year and do not have the internal capacity or space to organize, book, and execute a LEAP course for their team. Pallium can manage the entire process for your organization.


Two-day courses
Physician $850
Non-physician $750

One-day courses
Physician $650
Non-physician $550


Higher cost
Lower investment of time by your staff


Access to LEAP course content and resources

Access to Pallium Central and a network of over 900 LEAP facilitators

Access to data and statistics to track learner progress against organizational learning goals, including learner commitments to practice change

An electronic version of the Pallium Palliative Pocketbook for all learners
(a $25 value)**

Pallium support team (available M-F 9:00 am – 4:30 pm ET)

Creating advertising materials for the course

Finding, contracting, and paying for:

Facilitators (via Pallium Central)

  • Accommodation and travel for out-of-town facilitators (if required)

Printing participant manuals

Administration and communication:

Inputting course information into Pallium Central (e.g. location, date, time, price, etc.)

Regular communication with participants and ensuring they are registered in the learning management system and have completed their pre- and post-course activities

Regular communication with facilitators about logistics, timing, and other details

Finding, contracting, and paying for:


A/V equipment


*Pricing assumes partner organization handles venue, A/V, and catering. Can be customized upon request.

**LEAP Paramedic and LEAP Facilitator Training do not include the Pallium Palliative Pocketbook. Health care aides in LEAP Long-Term Care do not receive a Pocketbook.

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