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Everyone has a part to play.

Pallium’s tools and resources help community champions create more supportive environments in their communities for patients, caregivers and their families experiencing serious illness, dying and grieving.

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What we do

When it comes to palliative care, the health care system is only part of the equation.

Pallium equips health care organizations, health care professionals, and community members with the knowledge and tools to provide better palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families. Pallium provides resources to community members to help create a wraparound effect to better support people in the community who may be experiencing serious illness, caregiving, death, or grieving.

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Do you want to start a Compassionate Community?

The need for compassion is greater than ever.

Compassionate Communities help patients and caregivers as they experience serious illness and grieving. Compassionate Communities empower and support patients and caregivers in the community and they facilitate improved quality of life and mental health throughout the palliative and end-of-life journey.

Pallium’s Compassionate Community resources equip you with the essential information, tools and templates to start a Compassionate Community initiative and rally people in your community to provide important physical, emotional, social, spiritual and practical support to patients, families and their caregivers.

Pallium’s Compassionate Community resources include:




Did You Know?

Family caregivers provide more than 80% of care needed by patients with serious illness or long-term conditions.

With Canada’s aging population, the number of caregivers and the support needed from those caregivers is expected to increase.

Compassionate Communities widen the circle of caring and provide much-needed support to patients facing serious illness and death, as well as their caregivers and loved ones.

Quick Facts

0 %
of Canadian doctors, on average, feel less prepared to manage care for palliative patients than their peers from other countries.
1 in 6
people who died in 2016–2017 received publicly funded palliative home care.
0 %
of palliative home care patients had family or friends helping to care for them.

Learn from the stories of fellow community champions who have used the Compassionate Community Startup Toolkit to increase the quality of life of people with life-limiting illnesses and their caregivers.

Learn how one engaged community member spearheaded community-wide change using the Compassionate Community Startup Toolkit.

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