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Pallium is transforming frontline health care professional practice through its educational program, Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP™). Pallium’s LEAP™ courseware, tools and resources build the capacity of health care teams to provide a palliative care approach, ensuring better care for patients and their families. Pallium’s analytical tools gather evidence to help measure the impact on learners’ knowledge, comfort and attitudes toward palliative care by assessing practice change across the organization. Pallium can provide custom solutions to address unique health system challenges that help organizations integrate an early approach to palliative care and transform health care practice.

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Train Your Team Using LEAP™

Pallium’s award-winning Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP™) courses is Canada’s leading suite of courseware on palliative care for health care organizations and professionals. LEAP™ courses help health care organizations build capacity by providing palliative care education and resources for health care professionals working in different settings.


Approach and Content

Pallium Canada’s approach is to build primary- or generalist-level capacity by providing palliative care education and support materials to health care professionals who care for patients with life-limiting illness and their families. These professionals include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and paramedics working in a variety of settings such as community, home care, long-term care, hospitals and emergency services.

By equipping these professionals with palliative care skills, they can identify patients much earlier who could benefit from a palliative care approach; identify physical, social, psychological and religious/spiritual needs and start addressing them; engage in timely and effective advance care planning and goals of care discussions; and identify those patients with complex needs who require the intervention of a specialist palliative care team.

LEAP™ courses are standardized, peer reviewed interprofessional courses that focus on the practical, essential competencies of the palliative care approach. There are LEAP™ courses designed to address the context and needs of specific specialty areas, care settings and professions. LEAP™ curriculum is developed and peer-reviewed by volunteer pan-Canadian teams of subject matter experts who are committed to promoting the palliative care approach.


Evaluation and Accreditation

Pallium Canada’s learning management system allows you to track and analyze data related to changes in your team’s knowledge, comfort and attitudes toward providing a palliative care approach and gather evidence for implementation of learning in everyday practice. These robust data capabilities allow you to track learner progress against organizational learning goals.

LEAP™ is accredited with the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Every learner receives a certificate of completion and an electronic copy of the best-selling resource, the Pallium Palliative Pocketbook.


Delivery and Support

LEAP™ can be delivered in-person or online based on the needs of your organization and team. Your team will learn from some of Canada’s top palliative care experts and local leaders within Pallium’s network of over 900 LEAP™ facilitators.

Pallium’s Support Team is available five days a week via email, live chat or phone to help you. We offer turnkey communications and promotional material that make it easy for your LEAP™ course(s) to be a success.

Free Course Module

Want to get a sense of what your team will learn in a LEAP™ course? Try our free Taking Ownership module that provides an introductory overview of the palliative care approach.

Learn from the stories of family health teams, regional health authorities and others who have worked with Pallium to transform frontline health care practice in palliative care for their organizations.

Learn how the Nova Scotia Health Authority used LEAP™ to bring a coordinated approach to better palliative care services across the province.

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