Compassionate Workplace Campaign​

A supportive workplace can make a real difference in the life of someone who is caregiving, grieving or experiencing a serious illness.

The Compassionate Workplace Campaign is designed to ignite a movement across Canada and create more supportive environments for the increasing number of employees who are caregiving, grieving or dealing with a serious illness.

People are at the core of Canadian workplaces and with our aging population it is more important than ever to ensure employers and employees are equipped with the information and resources they need to support colleagues during difficult times.

Together, we can make a difference.

The need for compassion in the workplace is greater than ever

35% of the Canadian workforce (6.1 million people) are juggling work and caregiving responsibilities.

Every year, Canada loses about 560,000 full-time employees due to the demands of caregiving and paid work.

Grieving employees who were not supported at work lose an average of 30 workdays each year.

What is the Compassionate Workplace Campaign?

The goal of the Compassionate Workplace Campaign (CWC) is to create a more compassionate work environment where Canadians who are caregiving, grieving or dealing with a serious illness receive the support they need.

The campaign includes tools, activities, and communication materials that make it easy for any workplace to become more compassionate and supportive.

The campaign provides resources to achieve this goal by:

  • Building awareness and understanding of serious illness, caregiving, and grief experiences
  • Decreasing the stigma associated with serious illness, caregiving, and grief
  • Raising awareness of resources and supports
  • Prompting and enabling supportive conversations
  • Empowering people to create a more compassionate culture

Start creating a compassionate workplace culture today.

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The Compassionate Workplace Campaign is designed for all workplaces of all sizes and was developed by national and international experts in caregiving, grief, and employee wellness in consultation with stakeholders representing employees and small, medium, and large businesses across the country.

The campaign consists of tools, activities, and communication materials that will help you raise awareness and build an understanding of serious illness, caregiving, and grieving experiences in the workplace. The campaign includes both print, digital, and online components that is conveniently delivered to you in one box.

This is entirely at your discretion. There are many ways that the Compassionate Workplace Campaign can be brought to life in an organization.

The campaign includes a detailed guide that provides an overview of the campaign, roll-out options, and recommendations related to timing certain activities. To help with scheduling the campaign, we have identified the relevant national awareness days in Canada that can be effective days to launch or draw focus to your campaign.

An ideal timeframe would be to space the campaign activities out over 1 year, but it can be implemented in as little as 6 months or less.

It is important to understand that you do not have to be an expert in the areas of caregiving, grief, and employee wellness to carry out a successful campaign. The campaign and its various elements have been designed to be turn-key and do not go deeply into concepts and theory beyond the common understanding of the average individual. The team at Pallium is here to assist you along the way.

The Compassionate Workplace Campaign is in pilot phase and will be available to purchase in Fall 2020. Fill out the form above to be notified when the campaign becomes available.


The Compassionate Workplace Campaign and the materials, tools, and resources provided would not be available without the contributions, guidance, and support of the following individuals and organizations.

Subject Matter Experts
  • Karen Browning, CHRL, CEC, Chief Executive Officer, iHR Advisory Services
  • Jennifer Newman, R. Psych, Director, Newman Psychological and Consulting Services
  • Neil Thompson, PhD, D.Litt., Avenue Media Solutions
  • Allison Williams, PhD, Professor, CIHR Research Chair in Gender, Work and Health, McMaster University
Advisory Group
  • Julia Dima
    Lived experience as a caregiving and grieving employee
  • Addie Greco-Sanchez
    President, AGS Rehab Solutions Inc
  • Rachel Muston
    Lived experience as a grieving employee
  • Lynn Orzel
    Staff Representative, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
  • Kerilee Snatenchuk
    Director - People & Culture, ATB Financial
  • Lyne Wilson
    Assistant Vice-President - Talent Management, NAV CANADA

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