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Welcome to the Palliative Care ECHO Project’s Journal Watch. This ongoing series is led by subject matter experts from McMaster University and Queen’s University and explores key topics in the latest palliative care literature, with a focus on practice change and systems design.

The Palliative Care ECHO Project’s accredited Journal Watch is available to you in multiple formats. Join a live, interactive webinar. If the dates don’t work for your schedule, you can listen to the episodes wherever you get your podcasts, review the slide presentations, and read the articles that were discussed, below. Check back to this page regularly for updates.

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Recent Journal Watch sessions

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Monday January 24, 2022

Session led by Dr. José Pereira and Dr. Leonie Herx, and joined by panelists Dr. Jean Mathews and Dr. Aynharan Sinnarajah.

Monday April 11, 2022

Session led by Dr. Leonie Herx, and joined by panelists Dr. Jean Mathews and Dr. Anna Voeuk.

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