Pallium Canada to Host World’s Largest Palliative Care ECHO Session at International Congress on Palliative Care

Pallium Canada is set to make history on October 18, 2024, as they host the world’s largest palliative care ECHO session at McGill University’s International Congress on Palliative Care. This groundbreaking event will bring together thousands of health care professionals from around the world to raise awareness of the importance of primary palliative care capacity.

Jeffrey Moat, CEO of Pallium Canada, emphasizes the significance of this initiative, stating, “Our goal at Pallium Canada is to ensure every individual, regardless of their circumstances, receives early and effective person-centered palliative care. By hosting the world’s largest palliative care ECHO session, we are taking a monumental step to raise global awareness of the importance of universal access to compassionate end-of-life care.”

Scheduled for October 18, 2024, at 9:30 a.m. ET, the event will feature prominent international guest speakers, caregivers, and palliative care experts from around the world, including Brazil, Kenya, India, the United Kingdom, Canada, and more, engaging in insightful conversations on innovative practices in palliative care in different parts of the world. With simultaneous live interpretation in French, Mandarin, Hindu, Spanish and Arabic, participants from around the world will be able to actively participate and contribute to this unique global conversation.

“This event represents a unique opportunity to address the pressing need for expanded palliative care capacity worldwide,” adds Moat. “It is not just about setting a record; it is about forging connections, sharing best practices, showing solidarity, and advocating for equitable access to quality care on a global scale through one unified voice.”

Founded in 2003, Project ECHO is a global non-profit that empowers practitioners and professionals in rural and underserved areas to reduce disparities and improve community well-being.

The Palliative Care ECHO Project, led by Pallium Canada and a network of 13 partners across the country, showcases the transformative power of Project ECHO in revolutionizing palliative care education. By leveraging technology and fostering a collaborative learning environment, the project empowers health care providers to deliver compassionate end-of-life care in their communities. Through ongoing mentorship and support, providers gain the skills and confidence to address complex palliative care needs, ultimately improving patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families facing life-limiting illnesses.

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About Pallium Canada:

Pallium Canada is a Canadian, non-profit organization focused on building professional and community capacity to help improve the quality and accessibility of palliative care in Canada. With over two decades of experience and over 60,000 learners reached, Pallium Canada has become the largest palliative care education provider for health systems and health care organizations across Canada, with broad experience and expertise working with partners to implement large-scale regional and provincial capacity-building initiatives.

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