Pallium Canada Partnerships with Alberta

The Government of Alberta announced that in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS), the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta, and Bigstone Health Commission, Pallium Canada will be working with health care professionals to equip health care practitioners with the core competencies to be able to provide much-needed innovative approaches to palliative care.

“Through these partnerships Pallium Canada will work with leading organizations across the province to ensure that Albertans receive a higher quality of life, fewer hospital visits, and reduction of overall costs,” said Pallium Canada CEO Jeffrey B. Moat. “We believe that every community has the potential to transform our society into a skilled, informed and compassionate one with respect to palliative care, and we commend the Government of Alberta for taking this step.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Albertans saw the importance of ensuring that those experiencing advanced illness receive the highest quality care possible. Through this work with our partners in Alberta, Pallium Canada will ensure health care professionals receive innovative training that will now be standardized across the province so health care heroes can best support those in palliative care.

“We are grateful to work with the AHS, the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta and Bigstone Health Commission to provide ground-breaking and innovative educational reform to palliative care,” continued Moat. “Investing in LEAP™ training has demonstrated success in improving outcomes and reducing cost and strain on our health systems.”

Too few Canadians have access to timely, high quality palliative care when they need it and palliative care too often occurs only in the last days or even hours of life. A main reason for this is the lack of health workforce preparedness, including a lack of core knowledge, to provide palliative care.

Pallium Canada’s award-winning Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP™) training will implement a standardized palliative care education across the province, embedded within medical school training. Working with partners in Alberta, Pallium Canada will further collaborate to ensure that they are adapting to and meeting the needs of learners across the province.

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Georgina Dunn
Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications
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