A three-phased course for health care professionals who want to facilitate LEAP courses.

LEAP Facilitator Training is an interprofessional course that provides an in-depth learning experience on essential facilitation approaches and educational methods and prepares learners to become LEAP facilitators. LEAP Facilitator Training is taught by Pallium Canada’s LEAP masters who are experienced palliative care educators and clinicians.


Who is it for?

LEAP Facilitator Training is specifically for experienced palliative care providers who want to become LEAP facilitators and deliver LEAP courses (e.g. physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, paramedics, etc.). To be eligible to take LEAP Facilitator Training, learners must have experience as an educator and have two years of cumulative experience working in palliative care. If you would like to know more about the requirements to be a facilitator, please contact us.


Course Features

  • Face-to-face learning with group discussion
  • Interprofessional approach
  • Opportunities to practice facilitating LEAP content
  • Support and mentorship from LEAP coaches



This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 30 Mainpro+ credits.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the LEAP Facilitator Training, learners should be able to:

  • Describe LEAP courseware including modules, goals and objectives, learning methods, and educational materials
  • Describe the pedagogical principles upon which the curriculum is based
  • Stay up to date with best evidence in palliative care and adhere to palliative care principles
  • Demonstrate effective course facilitation including engaging participants, providing an interactive learning environment, eliciting input from various professions, anchoring learning with case studies and real situations, and facilitating discussions effectively


Course Structure

  • Phase One: Online pre-course activities
  • Phase Two: One-day, face-to-face facilitator training
  • Phase Three: Co-facilitation with a LEAP coach

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    LEAP courses are developed and peer-reviewed by volunteer pan-Canadian teams of subject matter experts who are committed to promoting the palliative care approach.

    • Dr. José Luis Pereira, MBChB, DA, MBChB, CCFP(PC), MSc, FCFP
    • Dr. Lori Teeple, MD, CCFP (EM), FCFP (ON)