Care Maps

Currently in development, Pallium’s Care Map Program consists of the Care Map Toolkit, the Care Map Workshop Toolkit, and the Health Care Professional Module. These three resources work together and enable Canadians to support caregivers and care recipients better while strengthening the important social connections within our communities.


The Care Map Program is currently in development and will launch in summer 2021. If you would like to stay informed on the Care Map Program, submit the form below.


A Care Map is a simple visual, diagram of the people involved in providing care to a caregiver and care recipient. The Care Map Toolkit is a resource for caregivers, and anyone who wants to support a caregiver, to learn about Care Maps. This toolkit contains information on what a Care Map is, why it is important, how it can support you in your caregiving journey, how to create one, and finally, how to share it with friends, family, and health care providers.

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The Care Map Workshop Toolkit is a resource for anyone who would like to run a Care Map Workshop in their neighbourhood or community with the goal of increasing the awareness, understanding, and use of the Care Map tool and how it can help caregivers and care recipients. This toolkit contains everything that will be needed to run a Care Map Workshop including a coordinator guide, templates, presentations, posters, requests for funding, and more.

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The Health Care Professional Module is a free educational resource for health care professionals to learn about what a Care Map is, the impact of using a Care Map in a medical and non-medical setting, and how to integrate its use into daily practice. The goal of this module is to ultimately provide better support to patients and caregivers. The module will include a helpful conversation guide to use with patients and their caregivers, additional community resources, and a fact sheet.

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